What Is A J-Bolt Fastener And When To Use Them?

J-bolt is a j-shaped fastener that is threaded on the flat side. Probably, these are used in the structural applications. Its j shape is mostly for providing the support and therefore, they cast in concrete. It is used in a variety of applications and because of that, you can avail them in custom design from the J-Bolt Manufacturers. Its diameter, size, and hook base varied as per their different application. These are very common and durable in nature, therefore, have great demand in the market.

These are very much helpful to use in wet concrete and cement and many other applications that require great support. You can easily drill them into concrete walls for locking two sections into one. These may have great strength and mostly used on the longer leg. Its tensile strength and resistance to abrasion and rust property make it the ideal option in the fastening applications. Its unmatched quality, dimensionally accuracy, and availability of different material make it the first choice of most of its users. Its long lasting performance is also the reason for its popularity.

You can avail J-bolt or any other type of bolt or fastener from the Hex Bolt Manufacturers. Swarna Fasteners is a Delhi-based company that deals in different types of fastener, so, you can call us directly or leave your enquiries to place your order. We have great experience and expertise that able to meet the ever changing demands of the customers. You can trust our company; we will never give you the chance to complain.

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