What Are The Different Applications Of Bolts?

The bolts are the threaded fastener with an external male thread. Both bolts and screws are closely related and people often get confused it with screws. There is no universally accepted difference between the two, but both are completely different. Bolts always come with the matching nuts while screws don't even have nuts. This is the basic difference between the two. To clear the fuss better always buy the material from leading Hex Bolt Manufacturers.

These Are The Applications Of Bolts In The Various Industries:-

  • For joining flange joints, bolts are used to join two or more flanges together. The flange is a method to join the valve, pipes pumps etc together. Bolts are used to join them which is the biggest work to provide strength to the equipment.
  • Many steel structure and building fittings are fixed together with simply bolting. Hex bolts together with the matching nuts are used to join two pieces of fitting and fixtures.
  • Small fixtures such as wood and furniture structures need bolts with the matching nuts to secure the two or more pieces of wood together at one place.
  • Bolts and nuts together with a washer are used to hold the sinking piece of woods and secure it tightly at a place hence provides strength and durability while fixing the pieces.

Bolts are quite important in fixing anything together so it is always ideal to purchase such important material from the trusted brand like Swarna Fastenerswho are acknowledged as leading Hex Nut Manufacturers.

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