Types Of Fasteners For All Your Hardware Requirements

A fastener is an important hardware that is used to fix different objects together on a temporary basis. Tired of running market, just to buy fasteners that go well with your application? Well, if yes, so, you are at the right place. Swarna Fasteners – one of the most zealous Stud Bolt Manufacturers has an endless range of fasteners to offer, where you’ll get everything under one roof. But before shopping for the same, take a look at different types of fasteners available in the market.

  • Hex Bolt: When you need a tool to join two distant objects together, so, all you need is Bolt. These are available in different specifications and types and out of all; Hex Bolt is the one that goes well with your requirements. Their threads, high-tensile strength, low maintenance need, the corrosion resistant nature, makes it a very first choice for the user.
  • Hex Nut: Hex nuts are important fasteners that are a must. They complete or complement the working of a bolt and secure from getting lost. These are again available in different materials or coatings to ensure the safety of the nut, bolt, and object as well.
  • Screw: Well, people get confused between a screw and a bolt, but both are different from one another and you need to choose them attentively. They easily get installed without even the nut; so, make sure you buy the right option, as per the need of your application.

For further query, Swarna Fasteners, one of the top-tier Hex Nut Manufacturers In Ludhiana is only a click or call away. Be in touch with our team and let us help you find the best solution for your hardware requirements.

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