Types Of Bolts

Possibly, Bolts are used almost everywhere, and you heard about them infinitely. These are nothing, just a large metal pin with external male thread. A variety of bolts are out on the markets to choose from, which are used in different mechanical and automobile industries. To know about its types, scroll down and take a look.

Hex Bolts: These are mostly known for their high-strength, metallic body and pressure bearing capacity. Hex Bolts Manufacturers further offer it in different sizes, so, one can buy as per the need of their application.

Stud Bolts: Another type of bolts which are highly demanded in the market and especially in the chemical industry are stud bolts. These are installed in the pipeline for joining as thery. These can easily get fixed by tightening its ends from both the sides. 

J-Bolt: These are specially manufactured to use in structural applications. Its j shape hook may be shed to concrete for utilizing as an anchor bolt. These may give you the result more than you even think.

Carriage Bolt: It is actually different from any other of its types because of its mushroom head. When you employ it in the application, especially in a square hole it automatically gets locked you just need to tighten them.

For sure, now you have sufficient knowledge to make a right decision regarding the purchase of bolt that suits your application needs. To buy any of its types, you can consult Swarna Fasteners. Being leading High Tensile Fasteners Manufacturers based in Delhi, we offer our products in all over India at a competitive market price.

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