Two Basic Types Of Washers For Fastening Applications

Washers are common types of fasteners that are used in a number of industrial applications. It is basically a circular piece of metal or any other material with a hole in the center through which the bolt or screw goes. They are most probably used in conjunction with bolts and nuts to minimize the risk of their loosening. There are two basic types of washers available such as plain washer and spring washers and in an order to know more about both of its types, take a look below.

  • Plain Washers: One of the most common of its type that is known for providing a bearing surface for a nut or screw head. It is proven to distribute the load over a large area and reduces the contact stresses. These are also known as flat washers and their different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials are easily available at the affordable price. Plain Washers Manufacturers In Ludhiana serve you the best solution as per your need.
  • Spring Washers: These types of washers are mostly used with the screws to add a spring. These may have great flexibility to offer and are very much helpful in preventing the fastening loosening due to vibrations. Like above, these are available in different design options to meet different requirements.

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