Difference Between Half-Threaded And Full-Threaded Hex Bolts

A hex bolt is an important hardware tool that is used in a number of applications to connect two distant objects together. It is mainly used along with a nut to secure the joint on the object properly. These are of different types and choosing the best out of all is no less than a task. You have to make a difficult decision whether to choose full threaded or half threaded hex bolt and in an order to make a right decision, learn about the difference between the both. To get the best possible quality in your required specification, contact Swarna Fasteners – Hex Bolt Manufacturers. Scroll down to learn the difference.

  • Half-Threaded Hex Bolts: These are a type of hex bolts that have threads along half of its body with a six-sided head. These are available in different material like Stainless Steel, Metal, Zinc, Aluminum, etc. and most of them get dipped in hot galvanized. These are used in different applications because of their half threaded feature.
  • Full-Threaded Hex Bolts: These types of bolts have threaded all over the body and are available in different grades, sizes, material and other specifications. Due to their good strength and resistance, these are used in different applications and get secure properly with the help of a nut.

The difference between both the options is clear from the above and if you still have any doubt, consult an expert that let you understand your needs better. To buy hex bolt or nuts in diverse range, visit Swarna Fasteners. Being the most reputed Stud Bolts, we have everything you’ve been looking for so long to offer. Dial our number or drop your email now to know further about our offerings.

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